Hello Mums and Dads, Uncles, Aunts, Grandparents, and children of course,


We would  like the Children to support a child from Toybox...(no not Woody or Buzz) the Charity....

I have been trying to get this off the ground to start in January.  Still trying...


I have spoken to the children and it is not decided yet whether we choose a boy or girl...Very hard decision.,

In supporting a child from Toybox it is different from our last child sponsor Soka Phea in Cambodia who is now a teenager.

Toybox train a child to be an Ambassador to speak for Street children, coming from the Streets themselves they have a better

knowledge of how the other children may need help and support. 


Our children can write as a group to the Ambassador chosen and we will receive a up-date on the progress of the child also.

I think this is  the very important part of sponsorship, that the children themselves are involved.


I am asking the children ( with adults permission) if they could bring 20p with them on Sunday and put it in a collection box during the childrens activities.  The cost of sponsorship is £21 per month.  Some months there will be a short before Christmas I made some jewellery and cards for sale the money going to be a back up fund for the months we do fall short.  Thanks to all your generousity we have raised     .........     £85.  wow what a fabulous start.


I am going to put a box in the back of the chuch or in the coffee room with some cards in and an honesty box to put some money in.

Please would you consider buying your cards through the year, Birthday,Easter,any other special events and in that way we can try to buffet the childrens donations.  I can always make a card for any occassion as long as you give me enough time.  The cost would be £1.00 per card.


I will also encourage the Group leaders to get the children involved in making something theirselves now and then for sale in the coffee room.



Many thanks,






Elaine (Elly) Hance, 20/01/2011