Y Go Mad


This group started in 2012 following a session sharing the experience of one of your leaders travelling to South Africa.   The young people were so inspired that they wanted to do the same thing.  The group started with the aim of working towards this. 

Our first step in preparing for a missionary trip was an adventure weekend away with 6 young people where we got involved in all sorts of team building activities.   Then in the summer, a group of 4 of the older members attended Soul Survivor and we are hopeful that a bigger group will attend this summer.  

Our monthly meetings start with food and are held in a home environment. We are currently following the HOPE UK outreach material which is particularly tailored to this age group. 

We are hopeful that we will move to more regular meetings once the weather improves.

We are affiliated to the Northampton Association of Youth Clubs who provide, help support and training.  We also take part in Diocesan organised Youth events from time to time which enables us to join with other groups in our part of the Diocese. 

Our aims: 

  •   To grow the size of the group
  •   To run a Youth Alpha.
  •   The ultimate aim for the group to go on a mission trip abroad.