FAQ's about Faith

How do you know God exists?

This is always really difficult to answer as in today's society, people tend to want tangible proof - what they can see and touch. However for most Christians, evidence of God comes from a relationship with Jesus and their experience of change in their life through the Holy Spirit. Therefore, most evidence of God's existance comes from personal feelings. The feeling that you are loved, the feeling that whatever happens, you have someone you can trust in..who loves you more than anyone on this Earth.
Many Christian's will happily share their testimonies of how their lives have been fulfilled through God's love and answer to prayer and it is often through sharing their experiences and other's seeing positive changes, that people feel that desire to want to know more and begin their own journey. 

Does God always answer prayers?

Yes we believe that God does always answer our prayers. He loves us and would never ignore us. However, sometimes it is hard to accept that what God wants for our lives, what he knows is best for us, is not always what we want or feel should happen...and this can be really hard. Sometimes God's answer will be 'Yes', sometimes it will be 'No' and sometimes it will be 'Not yet'. But by keeping focus on God and having faith and trust in his love can make these times easier.

If God does exist and he loves us so much, why do bad things happen?

This is likely to be the number one question that Christian's are asked to explain and probably the most difficult. First, it's sensible to remember that this is Earth, it isn't heaven and that God has given us all free-will. He wants us to live, making our own decisions, he does not want to control us. However with this comes the fact that people will not always choose right from wrong. Evil in this World will often turn people away from what is good - it is people who cause bad things to happen, not God.

When everything seems to be going right in our lives, it is very easy to drift from faith, to stop prayer and to forget about that relationsgip with our Father in Heaven. Violence, wars, illness, famine - when God does not seem to interfer in areas such as these, it is very hard to understand and sometimes there simply seems to be no answers. However, it is in these times we trust that whatever happens, God never leaves us and there is always hope in God. It is often through our sufferings that we become closer to God, we are pruned, developed and learn. Even if we lose a loved one, we can draw comfort in faith that they are now with Jesus, knowing no suffering, pain and the disaster of this world.