What we believe

As Christians, we believe that there is a God - but what is it about God that makes us want to follow him and build his Kingdom?

We believe that God made and makes all life, and loves and treasures each person.

He made us to have a relationship with Him but all through history we’ve been turning away. Yet God responds to this with his passion to be united with us once more, and is always  working to restore his relationship with us. Through the death and resurrection of his son,  Jesus Christ, he made that possible for everyone. Jesus not only showed us how to live, but took all our sinfulness upon himself on the cross and died so that all our sins can be forgiven and he rose again so that eternal life can be ours, if we will trust in Him. Nothing we’ve done, however bad, is more powerful than God’s love and desire to welcome us home.

God knows us inside out, he knows our struggles, but God’s passion to transform and heal us means that from the very moment we take a step towards God,  our lives begin to change, and we grow to accept him as our Lord, Saviour and friend. We believe that when you accept Jesus into your life, you are filled with the Holy Spirit and through him we develop this inner desire to be more like Jesus - kind, caring, loving and patient. We want more people to know his love and be strengthened, saved and forgiven through him. This is not about anyone becoming more like us, but about us all becoming more like Jesus.

From the moment you ask Jesus into your life, you start an amazing journey, and it’s a journey we’re called to make together, as Christians sharing friendship and community, worshipping God and helping each other to grow. That’s what the church is all about. Together, we rely on Jesus to help us with all of life, we share in a new hope, a deep joy, and a lasting peace which nothing else can bring. We return to being God’s family again and know his love for us everyday.

It’s a remarkable thing to believe, come and see for yourself if it’s true.