Baptism Policy

This parish has an open Baptism policy, in that anyone living in the parish is eligible to be baptised in our church, once they have been prepared for this important event. This preparation will be tailored to the individual family. Those living outside the parish, but who have a close connection with the church or community, may be baptised here after consultation with the rector, who will ask them to get agreement from the vicar of their home parish.

There is no charge for either service.

Who to contact

Anyone wanting a Thanksgiving or Baptism will be asked to contact the Church Administrator who will pass the information onto the person responsible for Baptisms. Arrangements will then be made for an initial meeting with someone from the Baptism team. Contact will normally be made within 14 days.

Finding out more

For infant/child Baptism a member of the Baptism team will discuss the commitment required and the organisation of the service, over a number of meetings.

For older children, who are able to answer for themselves, there will be appropriate preparation to ensure that they are able to understand the promises that they are going to make.

If possible, the godparents should be included in the preparation to ensure that they understand the duties and commitment involved. Godparents must be baptised and should, ideally, be confirmed, with a strong Christian faith.

Adult Baptisms

Adults considering Baptism need to speak to the rector, and will be required to undertake Baptism preparation.

Baptism is a public event.

Because it is the whole church that welcomes each new member, whether child or adult, Baptism will take place at a Sunday service, normally the All Age Service, but this can be discussed with the rector.

It is not our practice to conduct private Baptisms, except for overwhelming pastoral reasons.

Signed: Rev C J Murray    Date:24th November 2016
This policy will be reviewed by the above PCC annually.

Contact for Baptism (Christening) or Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child:

Church Administrator : Denise Matthews   Email:

Clergy contact details: Rev'd James Pennington  Email: